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Free Legal Advice

If you have a legal problem in Gambia and would like a lawyer, solicitor or barrister to represent you, please telephone, email or write.

Our lawyers are happy to provide brief preliminary legal advice on any investment, business or personal legal problems you may have in The Gambia


Solie Law Chambers

Solie Law are a modern forward-looking partnership of Gambian lawyers and legal practitioners.  We offer a thoroughly unique approach to the law in The Gambia combining a fully computerised law firm and the highest professional legal standards to deliver an internationally respected, understanding and compasionate case management service.

Solie Law offer access to high quality but cost effective legal services in Gambia for private individuals, charities, NGO's, lawyers, accountants, banks, financial advisers, commercial and business clients in The Gambia and abroad. 

We aim to provide a full range of effective legal solutions to the many problems which can confront you in a business and social context in The Gambia.  Above all, we are here to help you.

Lawyers, Attorneys, Barristers & Solicitors in Gambia

We can't solve every problem. If we can't, we tell the client bluntly and honestly what can and can't be done and advise as to the best way of limiting any damage.

Our legal expertise covers all aspects of private and commercial law in The Gambia, and continual enhancement of our services enable us to meet the present and future needs of our Clients.

If you are concerned about the costs and fees of Gambian lawyers or worried about the expense of hiring a lawyer in The Gambia, please come in and see us for a free no obligation preliminary discussion.  If you would like advice in connection with any legal matter or problem in The Gambia, please call us and we will be happy to help.

Lawyers in The Gambia

Corporate Attorneys, Lawyers, Barristers & Solicitors
Corporate Lawyers in Gambia: Solie Law Chambers are commercial & corporate attorneys, lawyers, barristers & solicitors offering legal services to business & companies in The Gambia,
Setting Up A Business
Land & Property in Gambia: Legal advice on buying, selling, renting or leasing holiday apartments, retirement homes, investments, developments, building land & compounds in The Gambia
Free Legal Advice In Gambia
Divorce & Marriage Break Up: Solie Law are divorce law, family & childcare lawyers specialising in maintenance provision, child care, access and visitation rights, child abduction, ets
Business Problems & Commercial Disputes
Commercial Litigation: We aim to prevent litigation by working to resolve business problems and commercial disputes and avoid expensive and time consuming court cases in The Gambia
Setting Up A Business
Setting Up A Business: Legal advice on starting a company, the management & administration of the company’s affairs, taxation, service contracts and the liabilities of the company and its directors
Debt Collection & Recovery
Debt Collection & Recovery: Solie Law offer business debt advice and can issue legal proceedings for the collection and recovery of bad business debts in the Civil Courts of The Gambia

Personal Legal Services in The Gambia

Solie Law offers a specialist range of services to individual people which are tailored to suite the situation in question.  Our private client lawyers in Gambia can advise and assist with tax and investment advice, powers of attorney, raising finance, divorce, separation and other family problems, process serving, dealing with the inheritance of property, enforcement of judgments, accidents and compensation claims.

It is an unfortunate fact of life that not all weddings in Gambia are successful.  When a marriage breaks down it is not unusual for one or both parties to seek to dissolve the marriage or to obtain a formal decree of judicial separation.

We can also advise you on domestic violence, injunctions, wardship, adoption, custody and care proceedings. We operate a 24 hours emergency divorce, family & childcare lawyers service.

Rest assured that no matter what area of Gambian law you require assistance we will assist you to the highest standard.

Corporate, Commercial & Business Lawyers in The Gambia

Solie Law has a range of commercial legal services which are designed to assist corporate and business clients in Gambia and the West African sub region, from company start up and business formations up to the day to day running of firms and companies in The Gambia. And of course, the one off matters which may occur. 

Solie Law's Commercial Department, cal help with commercial property investments and conveyancing, our lawyers offer employment, debt collection and licensing services to name just a few of the areas we regularly assist businesses in. 

We pride ourselves working to the highest standards in all areas of Gambian business law. Raising finance, formation of companies, registration of businesses for tax, social security etc, acquisition of land, buildings and other assets, immigration, visa & work permit difficulties, employment issues, drafting standard terms and conditions of business, dealing with commercial problems, contract disputes, mediation, power of attorney, court cases, process serving, enforcement of judgments, debt collecting, taxation of the business and its shareholders.

Commercial & Residential Property Lawyers in The Gambia

We can help to guide you through the confusion and complexity involved in buying and selling your house, apartmnet or piece of land in The Gambia. We can give you independent advice in connection with Surveys and Valuations, Mortgages, Deposits, Estate Agents other property investments due dilligence issues

Increasingly clients recognise the value of discussing their affairs at the earliest possible opportunity. For example, if they are buying a property in The Gambia they will talk to us about the key issues such as who should be the legal owner of the property (not always obvious), which type of mortgage would be best, how to deal with any inheritance complications produced by the local law and how to minimise their tax bills in their own country and in The Gambia .

Early advice will almost always save quite a lot of money! Talk to us BEFORE they go to look at any properties for sale in The Gambia

Our growing number of property developer clients in The Gambia each receive a bespoke service designed around their particular residential or commercial property development or real estate investment requirements.

Criminal Lawyers in Gambia:  High Court & Court of Appeal Representation

Solie Law offers a Free 24 hour emergency Police Station call out scheme 365 days a year and also offer Magistrates, High Court and Court of Appeal representation

The members of our Criminal Department are fully qualified to offer you a quality service ‘round the clock’.  When facing a serious charge you want the reassurance that you are represented by expert criminal defence lawyers.  We have a team of specialist lawyers to provide you with a comprehensive legalservice

Civil Litigation in The Gambia

Civil Litigation is the method of resolving disputes or claims between individuals, companies, local authorities and government departments.  Generally such matters fall into two categories.  One is based on contract being an agreement between two or more parties and the other is based on a civil wrong caused by one party to another either deliberately or negligently.

The range of disputes based on contract can vary from the relatively minor case of the purchase of defective items such as an electric kettle to a multimillion Dalasi claim arising as a result of penalty clauses in a budding contract.  If you are involved in a dispute with another individual or company we can advise you on your chances of success and the possible value of your claim.

Solie Law covers all areas of Civil Law in The Gambia, including the commercial contract and property disputes, business partnerships and neighbour disputes as well as landlord and tenant disputes. We can negotiate on your behalf and if you necessary commence or defend proceedings which, according ot the subject matter and the amount of the claim, will be dealt with in either the Magistrates Court or the High Court in The Gambia.