Tax, Taxes & Taxation

Tax, Taxes & Taxation Lawyers In The Gambia

Solie Law Chambers provide tax advice to both private individuals and companies with actual or potential tax problems, back taxes, tax debts or tax liabilities in The Gambia.

Where necessary we work together with our Client’s own accountants or with accountants specialising in cross border tax issues. We can recommend appropriate specialist accountants to clients.

Paying Tax in Gambia: Tax Law in The Gambia

Tax advice must be cost effective. A great deal of our business comes from other professionals such as Lawyers, Accountants, Banks, Financial Advisers etc

Our basic principles are:

  • Whenever possible, we should make tax planning schemes as simple as possible
  • Clients should not allow tax saving schemes to dictate how they live their lives
  • Tax saving schemes are worth nothing if they do not save you any money!
  • Think of the hidden costs as well as the benefits.

Tax Problems, Debts & Liabilities in The Gambia Having tax problems, back taxes, tax debts or tax liabilities in Gambia. & need legal advice please phone, email or write.

Corporate Lawyers in Gambia: Solie Law Chambers are commercial & corporate attorneys, lawyers, barristers & solicitors offering tax & taxation advice to business & companies in The Gambia

Free Tax Advice In Gambia: Solie Law are happy to provide free brief preliminary tax advice about any business or commercial tax or taxation problems or requirements in The Gambia

Business Tax in Gambia : Tax advice on starting a company, the management & administration of the company’s affairs, taxation, service contracts and the liabilities of the company and its directors

Commercial Litigation: We aim to prevent litigation by working to resolve business problems and commercial disputes and avoid expensive and time consuming court cases in The Gambia

Commercial Property Law: Legal advise on the rental, lease, sale & purchase of commercial properties, business premises, shops, offices, hotels, bars & restaurants in The Gambia

Debt Collection & Recovery: Solie Law offer business debt advice and can issue legal proceedings for the collection and recovery of bad business debts in the Civil Courts of The Gambia

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