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Tax, Taxes & Taxation

Tax, Taxes & Taxation Lawyers In The Gambia

Solie Law Chambers provide tax advice to both private individuals and companies with actual or potential tax problems, back taxes, tax debts or tax liabilities in The Gambia.

Where necessary we work together with our Client’s own accountants or with accountants specialising in cross border tax issues. We can recommend appropriate specialist accountants to clients.

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Commercial Litigation

Commercial Litigation

The nature of business leads to problems, arguments & disputes from time to time.  Business disputes can be costly both in terms of the cost of resolving the matter and the time taken by the management to deal with the issues

As soon as you become involved in dispute you should contact a specialist business lawyer or solicitor to obtain advice on your legal position.  It is important not to jeopardising your position through lack of legal knowledge.

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Business Partnership

Setting Up A Business Partnership

Solie Law Chambers provide legal advice to private individuals, business partnerships and companies in The Gambia.

Whether you are an existing business partnership in The Gambia, or contemplating the formation of a new business or company, it is essential that you take the appropriate advice.

Setting Up Business Partnerships In The Gambia

While it is the wish of every business partnership that things run smoothly, there will always be occasions when circumstances pose problems for your business, its partners and its employees.

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Commercial & Business Lawyers In The Gambia

Commercial & Business Lawyers In The Gambia

Solie Law are commercial and business lawyers with a range of commercial legal services which are designed to assist corporate and business clients in Gambia and the West African sub region. From company start up and business formations up to the day to day running of firms and companies in The Gambia. And of course, the one off matters which may occur.

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Property Development

Property Development

Property Developers in Gambia come in all sizes from the small investor who has bought a plot of land upon which he intends to build a house or a few apartments to major corporations constructing luxury hotels, housing estates or infrastructure projects. Whatever your size and whatever your requirements we can help.

Working with established property related companies of all shapes and sizes in The Gambia, our property develpment team provides advice on a wide range of commercial and residential development issues – from design to finance, disputes and arbitration to planning issues, utilities, infrastructure and marketing.

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Gambia Property FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions: Buying & Selling Property in The Gambia

Do I need Official permission to buy property in Gambia?


Are there any restrictions on the form of legal ownership of a property in Gambia?

No special rules apply to foreigners.

Is the way you buy a house in The Gambia the same as at home?

Generally speaking and provided that we make the necessary checks, yes. In Gambia there is hardly any more need to worry than there in when buying land or property at home.

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Residential Property

Residential Property For Sale, Lease & Rent in The Gambia

We provide preliminary investment advice for Clients who want to invest in or retire to The Gambia. Our advice centres on choices available to you and the tax and cultural issues arising when investing in a country with which you are not familiar.

Finding a Property in The Gambia

We are not estate agents. We do, however, provide a property finding service for our Investment Clients. If you wish to take advantage of this service we will use our knowledge of the market place and our contacts to locate properties that meet your specification.

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Property Ownership

Land & Property Ownership in Gambia

Getting this question of property ownership wrong is probably both the most common and the most expensive mistake people make when buying any kind of land or property in The Gambia.

Most local lawyers will be unable to help you make this decision as it involves an understanding of both the local AND your own legal, tax and inheritance systems.

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Property Laws

Land & Property Laws & Lawyers In Gambia

Our property lawyers can help real estate buyers, sellers and investors to meet their legal obligations under Gambian property law when buying or selling a house, retirement home, holiday apartment, compound or piece of land in The Gambia.

Solie Law recommend that you contact us as soon as possible after you have decided to embark upon these transactions. We can then give you independent advice in connection with Surveys and Valuations, Mortgages, Deposits, Estate Agents and a number of other features about which you need to know.

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